Combined Electrostatix with UV-C



Combined Electrostatix with UV-C

For: Grease, smoke and odour control in ducted systems

Combining electrostatic precipitation with UV-C light technology results in the highly efficient removal of grease, odour and smoke in a single small footprint unit.

Innovative technology makes our ESP performance up to twice as effective as competitor units, and perfectly-matched power supplies plus 13,000 hour lifespan lamps deliver superior UV-C performance over long periods of time.

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Specification PCL 5000 / UV-C6 PCL 7500 / UV-C8
Volume flow rate
(95% efficiency)
1.4 m3/s 2.1 m3/s
Power 572W 762 W
Power supply 230Vac/1 phase/50Hz / 3A
Class D circuit breaker required
230Vac/1 phase/50Hz / 3A
Class D circuit breaker required
Dimensions 533H x 1086W x 855L mm 533H x 1547W x 855L mm
Weight 105 kg 150 kg
Installation Free Standing, Wall or Frame Mounted
Airflow* Horizontal, Right to Left or Left to Right
Output Voltage
12 kV/6 kV
Number of ESP cells 2 3
Collector Cell Weight 15 kg
No UV-C tubes 6 8
No UV-C tubes 10kg 12kg
Controls On/Off Switch with Indicator
Pre-filter Expanded Aluminum
(460mm x 460mm x 22mm)
Primary Filter Electronic Ioniser/Collector Cell
Secondary filter UV-C lamp frame containing 6 or 8 lamps
Pressure drop 140 Pa (dirty filters)
Efficiency To 95% Based on D.O.P. Test Method to
99% for Double Pass (Calculated)
Safety Door interlocks for high voltage and UV safetyUnit to be interlocked with air flow
General Multiple Units Can Be Joined Together for
Increased Volume or Efficiency
Optional extras* Suspension eyebolts – 4
Oil Drain – 1

*To be specified when ordering

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