Kitchen and food odour control


Kitchen and food odour control

Ventilation systems for commercial kitchens and food production areas

Our approach to the problem of commercial kitchen exhaust fumes is to look at the whole kitchen and put together a tailored purification and ventilation system.

The result?

Optimum performance at a cost-effective price.

The clean air challenge

Because every kitchen is different, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Select ventilation and air purification products without understanding how the individual kitchen works and the pollutants it creates, and you could be introducing both fire risks and health hazards on top of failing to get to grips with odour problems.

But – fish and chip shop or fine dining – there’s no escaping the by-products of what goes on in the kitchen. Grease, odours, and smoke all need tackling if you are to have happy customers, staff and neighbours. And, of course, DEFRA guidelines leave no room for doubt. These days, clean air’s not just desirable; it’s compulsory.


Get it right – a kitchen ventilation expert on your side.

Work with us, and you get an experienced technical expert on your side who will assess what’s right for the kitchen concerned. They’ll work closely with you to make sure you get a system that’s effective, reliable, and legally compliant.

They’ll look at where the problems come from – what’s cooking, and how does that affect the balance of grease, smoke and odour? They’ll take into account all the operational factors that come into play (See Six Simple Steps to Fresh Air). And they’ll make sure your extraction system tackles exhaust problems in the right order – grease and smoke particles first, gaseous odours later.

This dedicated support continues even after the specific project is completed. We will always be happy to deal direct with queries and questions – because we believe in long-term relationships and happy customers.


Effective grease, odour and smoke strategies

Our design service includes free of charge smoke, grease and odour strategies for planning and environmental health purposes.

If you’re involved in specifying a new kitchen, bring us in at the start. You’ll avoid the risk of the application failing on air quality grounds, with all the inevitable associated costs and delays. And, of course, you’ll have an effective system built into your kitchen design, guaranteeing clean air from day one.

If you’re dealing with a complaint about a kitchen, we’ll provide everything the EHO needs and get the problem solved – leaving you to concentrate on the cooking.


Easy system installation

All our products are straightforward to install with no specialist expertise needed. We are more than happy to advise your chosen mechanical and electrical engineers on all aspects of installation.

To talk to us about what you’re looking to achieve, call us on +44 (0)161 443 4125



Eliminair ecology units

The complete modular system for a total kitchen solution

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Xtract 2100 ozone injection units

The original Plasma Clean product. Compact ozone generator technology that treats gaseous odours plus grease deposited on the duct surface. Ideal where space is at a premium.

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Coil filters

A first line of defence for kitchen extraction canopies, capturing up to 95% of grease and oil particles.

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Electrostatix electrostatic precipitators (ESPs)

A low power ESP that removes 95% of grease and smoke particles from kitchen exhaust air.

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Techniclean UV-C filtration units

A slim-line in-duct unit that uses UV-C light and ozone to break down odour and grease in the kitchen extraction air.

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Combined ESP and UV-C filtration

A small footprint cost-effective unit combining electrostatic precipitation with UV-C light technology for highly efficient removal of grease, odour and smoke.

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  • Six Steps

    Download our 6 Steps to Fresh Air kitchen specification guide

  • Kitchens Overview Testimonial

    “With the Plasma Clean system installed, there are categorically no odours emitted from the kitchen extraction system. These systems are by far the best on the market.”

    Rupert Spurgeon
    General Manager
    South Lodge Hotel

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