The Gastro Pub Dilemma – How do you keep the neighbours happy?

Gastropubs are popular. In fact, they have been popular for a long time. And the new love of craft ales that’s spread across the country has only enhanced the attraction of the gastropub. Particularly in more affluent areas, where an afternoon trip to the gastropub is a regular activity of a wealthy, upwardly mobile population.

And who doesn’t enjoy a good pub, where good beer and good food are combined to great effect? Read More »

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Keeping up with the Guidelines on Grease, Odour and Smoke Control

Nobody Likes a Nuisance

The problems of odour, noise and smoke emissions from commercial kitchen ventilation is very common.

Nuisance complaints are on the rise, particularly in urban areas where housing may be adjacent to, or even immediately above, catering premises. Read More »

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Taking away the Takeaway Smells


“Have you ever lived near a fast food take away, restaurant or chippy? How did you cope with the daily bombardment to your senses?”

This question was posted on a very famous internet forum for mums this year.

And it’s not unusual. Read More »

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Let’s Clean the Air Together


Sales Engineer, Chris Tattersall, is always looking to hear from specialist contractors to work alongside Plasma Clean on a growing number of projects.

We regularly get enquiries at Plasma Clean from end users of our solutions. We don’t mind, we love enquiries.

But according to Chris, there’s often a missing step, which can make helping them difficult. Read More »

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Kleanzone Odour Control


KLEAN ZONE is the latest product developed by Plasma Clean, and distributed in the Middle East by Green Crystal.

KLEAN ZONE utilises cold plasma technology to produce ions, which are injected into the HVAC system to naturally cleanse and disinfect the air. Read More »

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